Things you Need for a Business Breakthrough

Because Business Breakthrough is what I specialize in, I get tons of questions on exactly what it takes to make this happen. Folks are chasing so many shiny objects these days and building half built bridges, that they are losing focus on the matter at hand.

How to Keep Your Clients Over the Holidays

It’s already the end of the second week of December with Christmas and the holidays practically upon us! What are your plans for the holidays? Taking some time off?Christmas Parties? Holiday dinner with the family? Decorating and gift buying? This is a really busy time. And, if you’re busy, there’s no doubt that your clients are super busy…

Without Grit, You Will Not Succeed

Why do some companies and entrepreneurs consistently crush their competition? What makes them different from others who don’t make it? What skills do you need to improve to reach your highest potential? We all ask ourselves these questions or similar ones as we strive to achieve our personal and professional best.

How to Get More Clients: Advice from 9 Coaches

So the big question many people ask me is: “how do I get more clients?”. The answer depends on what you are currently doing, and what sort of business you are in. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to pull together precious nuggets from myself and 8 of my favorite coaches…

Release Business Shame Now

I got back from a beautiful vacation on Martha’s Vineyard over a week ago and boy, was it hard to get back into the swing of things! In fact, it took me a whole week to be able to ease into even wanting to begin to think about strategizing next steps and planning,

10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward

How is your year going so far? Can you believe that 1/26th of the year is already history? When you look at it like that, you realize that each week and each two weeks of our lives do matter and count so much. So, we need to be intentional for every single day…

It’s not your fault

There is no blame. This is not your fault… You were taught how to get a “good” job, not how to create a profitable business that you LOVE and that is fulfilling and that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning! I know this past year has been frustrating. You know what it feels…