When Should You STOP Marketing?


When should you stop marketing?

The answer to that question is “Never”!

The thing about being in business, means that you must be marketing all the time. Now, I don’t mean every second or hour of the day. I do mean that your marketing plan can’t take a break unless you are actually on vacation. And even then, there are ways to automate certain things so that some marketing is still taking place. For instance, if you run an ad before you take off, that means that you are marketing while you relax. Or if you pre-schedule posts on social media outlets, that also means that you have continual marketing going on while you are lying on a beach in the Caribbean.

So, you don’t have to be one of those people who is always “on” and always promoting their business to be consistent in your marketing. I think that is a fear a lot of us have. We just don’t want to be that “markety” person. And we don’t want to be thinking of our business ALL the time. And you don’t have to.

But you do have to have a Marketing Strategy in place and stick to it.

Now, this might mean that you are marketing three days a week, or two days a week or an hour every day. And that’s fine. Just so your plan is consistent, works for you, is ongoing and you don’t do that intermittent “swiping at flies” marketing that so many business owners do.

Results really happen with consistency.

And if you are a business owner or a solo-preneur and you have found yourself saying that you hate marketing and that you don’t want to market… well, you had better embrace the idea of marketing in some form or another. The alternative is that your business will not reach its full potential and might fail altogether. And this counts whether you are a musician, artist, boutique owner, consultant or any other kind of entrepreneur.

If you don’t have a marketing plan, get one now!

You might think that marketing just means doing actual advertising. But there are many things that fall into the category of marketing. Here are some examples of marketing avenues:

1. Grassroots marketing, like reaching out to your contacts via email to tell them about your business or a new offer. And following up.

2. Speaking with people face-to-face about your business and handing them your card.

3. Social media: Twitter, Facebook commenting, posts and advertising, blogging.

4. Planning parties where you talk about or present your product or service.

Some successful businesses just have one marketing avenue that they stick with and which really works for them. But usually, you want to have at least two or three.

So, whether you have one or four marketing avenues, be consistent and persistent with them until you can see if they are producing results. If not, experiment with another avenue. You will eventually find the formula that really works for you and your business. And the rest will be history!

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Much Success and Love,


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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