What Exactly is “Whatever it Takes”?

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I have been thinking a lot lately about doing Whatever it Takes and what that means.

And, we just got back from our vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and I was truly inspired and fascinated by the history of the Martha’s Vineyard Campmeeting Association in Oak Bluffs. And my idea of Whatever it Takes has been rocked quite a bit by how much effort these early campers made to go to Martha’s Vineyard every summer for just two months.

So, here’s the thing that really impressed me. They had large family tents that they would put up and they didn’t just sleep in sleeping bags on the floor. No. They transported heavy and very large pieces of furniture to the campgrounds, which meant that if they were coming from as far away as Providence, or further, they would have to load the furniture onto their horse-drawn carriages, travel many miles to the boat, load their furniture and belongings onto boats (in large containers) then unload, and transport to the campgrounds.

And then two months later, do it all over again to go home. And this was their vacation!

This kinda made my idea of Whatever it Takes to be hiked up quite a few notches.

And the effort that a lot of entrepreneurs make looks a bit dismal next to these pioneers. And maybe a lot of that is that they aren’t clear on whatever they should be doing.

So, the question is: What does it take?

Well, it takes giving up some things sometimes, like watching all of your favorite TV shows when you have emails that you could be sending or articles to write or research to do.

Or giving in to procrastination when it ‘s all looking a little too hard. Or consistently making that choice to go out and socialize when there is stuff to do.

It also takes giving up making excuses when things go wrong instead of just course correcting and carrying on. And continuing and continuing to build instead of wishing that things just happen overnight.

It takes going the extra mile to make sure you really and truly follow up before giving up on that prospect or project.

It also takes dealing with rejection time and again instead of letting it get to you.

And it takes getting the help, information and motivation you need instead of chasing your tail.

It takes all this and more and a mindset of steel to succeed.

So, work on that mindset and do the work and get super clear on what it takes for your business and life to be the one you want to be living. And then do it.

Please do comment below to let me know what your ideas on Whatever it Takes are.

With love and to your success,


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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