You Need To Take Action

Now is the time.
If not now, when?

The time will never be perfect, and the time that seems to be the worst, ends up pushing us to succeed when we never would have otherwise.

Here's a story
A few years ago when I was going through an indescribably bad divorce, I was presented with the opportunity to create an in-person event.

The time was not "right".

I was stressed out with the divorce, and just keeping my kids going to all their activities and homeschooling and running my business….
that I could've said: "this is not the time".

Anybody could have said "this is not the right time".
That would have been the "reasonable" or "normal" or "expected" thing to do.

To opt out.

But, I saw that if I did not take action anyway, right now….
then more time would pass and I would not have done this big event.

And I would not benefit from the progress that it would create moving forward.
And I would not be able to create the good I could for myself and others, no matter what. And just come out of that period with something to show for it.

It was super scary because I had no idea how to do an event like this with sponsors and selling from the stage (well, I had had other small events, but not a production like this)…
So I paid this company to manage it for me and work with me on producing it…

and I did the hard, and scary (did I say that already?!) work of creating this with all of that going on…

pushing my limits with things I had never done before…
prepared regardless of the fact that my personal life was an actual living hell…

I focused the energy and channeled it into creating this event.
And on the weekend of the event, i was very nervous and really not in my full confidence, but I showed up on stage in front of room full of people, even though I was really not myself.

I managed to close out all that was going on in my life and show up powerfully for two solid days of value.

Even though if I allowed myself to dwell on things, I would have fallen apart.

The event was a huge success and I even signed some people up for the very first group coaching program that I created - from the stage.

This had been one of my goals for years, so that fact that I succeeded in that was huge for me.
And after the event I was having a wine and winding down with one of my sponsors and I ended up confiding in him about all that was going on in my personal life.

His face dropped. And he said:
"I cannot believe that all of that was going on this while you did all of this work - and nobody could tell any of that was going on from how you showed up these last two days."

So, I'm not saying I'm a superwoman. At all.
And I'm not saying that this was the hardest thing any other person has been through.
I'm just saying I made a choice.

In fact, when I paid the $8,000 for the event help, I actually said to the guy, "If I don't pay for this event up front, I know that I won't have that money in few months because it will sucked out of my account in this divorce".

(which actually did happen..)

He said he had never heard anyone say that before.

And what happened was that I not only
had the event pay for itself, I had a great profit from it!

Again, I'm not special.
I just made a choice to not let fear create more fear and become a vicious cycle.

So, whatever you are going through, push through that fear..
or even just drag it behind you as you take action.

Excuses are abundant. And very readily available.
Now is always the time.

What are you not doing for your business…
that is not easy and is scary because of fear making you impotent…
and wanting the timing to be perfect?

I've had clients who have signed up to work with me during the most unlikely "not right" times…
and they have thanked me that they made that decision, because they were successful with all of that mess going on in the background.

Timing will never be perfect. And your life will never be perfect.
We need to take action anyway.

Big love,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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