Without Grit, You Will Not Succeed


Why do some companies and entrepreneurs consistently crush their competition? What makes them different from others who don’t make it? What skills do you need to improve to reach your highest potential?

We all ask ourselves these questions or similar ones as we strive to achieve our personal and professional best. And there is a multi-billion dollar industry devoted to cracking the code to the traits of success.

I have always been aware that TRUE GRIT is one the most important factors for success. Without old-fashioned Grit, it’s going to be pretty hard to build a truly successful business, and to succeed in your life.

That was clear from the get-go. And I have witnessed time and again that certain clients have natural Grit. Others don’t.

And the good news is that you can develop Grit. I’ve seen this happen with clients who had underdeveloped Grit and who I worked with to build and strengthen it, and how this created amazing results across the board.

Grit was something I kind of took for granted but reading the book, “Grit, The New Science of what it takes to Persevere. Flourish. Succeed by Paul G. Stoltz Ph.D,  brought my understanding of it to a much higher level. It also reinforced for me exactly HOW to develop your Grit in oh so many strategic ways.

What exactly is Grit? Grit is in a nutshell, perseverance and passion for long-term goals. And as  a trait, grit has better predictability for success than IQ.

Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth talks about this in her TED talk, The Secret to Success? Grit.

This is what the experts list as attributes to the building blocks of grit:

A clear goal
Determination despite others’ doubts
Self-confidence about figuring it out
Humility about knowing it doesn’t come easy
Persistence despite fear
Patience to handle the small obstacles that obscure the path
A code of ethics to live by
Flexibility in the face of roadblocks
A capacity for human connection and collaboration
A recognition that accepting help does not equate to weakness
A focus and appreciation of each step in the journey
An appreciation of other people’s grit
A loyalty that never sacrifices connections along the way
An inner strength to help propel you to your goal

And you can actually build, screen for, and measure grit. The Grit Test, developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, is a simple questionnaire that helps you determine your Grit Score.

In four minutes you can  find out how well you score on the Grit scale so you can get clear on how to go get some more of that goodness!

Now for the huge bonus: Grit is a leveler, and all of us have access to building this attribute, so no excuses here folks!

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what kind of education, or background or whether you are good looking or not. We all have nearly limitless potential and immense power, and the opportunity to seize it is waiting for you.


So, if you can develop one thing, then let it be the home grown grit and determination which will be the motor driving you towards your own personal greatness.

And to help you out with this, I’m offering a “Grit Building Business Session” by phone. Reach out to: [email protected] for more details!

If you found this helpful, help out a friend or colleague and share with them. Or comment if you have something that you have experienced about Grit in your Life and Business.

With Huge Love and to Your Success,


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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