This Is What’s Lacking In The Coaching Industry

You know what is lacking out there in the coaching and online service providing professions?

Good will.

None of us are perfect. No program is perfect. No experience is perfect.

That is life…

however, I've noticed a lack of good will in places.
(Nobody in here of course LOL).

Sometimes, I do notice Good Will and I'm edified. And love seeing that.
But there's this whole other side…
a sort of punitive attitude of some coaches towards their clients, like they are in the military.

And a punitive attitude or arrogant attitude of some service providers towards their clients.

Well the military is fine if you have actually signed up for that.
Now, good will can also come in the form of really caring about your clients, and yes….

being that Superbowl Coach when they need it.

Good will does not mean you are WEAK.
But it does mean that if you don't deliver what you offered, then something needs to be done. Clearly.

Most people do take responsibility for their part in situations…
but I've also noticed a lack of accountability on the part of these (especially larger) coaching programs and also even smaller service providers.

Folks, it is not enough to sign someone on.

The FOLLOW THROUGH is vital.

I actually used to do presentations just on Follow Through in the real world when I was doing more speaking.

So, if you have offered something in exchange for people hiring you, then you must deliver what you promised.

This is the main part of Good Will.

There are others, like just being kind (without being a pushover- that will kill your business,. I'm not talking about being a FREEBIE coach).

And with all that is going on in our world, Good Will, especially now, is the way forward.


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Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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