This Is What Gets You More Diamond Clients

Are your clients getting results?

There is so much emphasis on getting clients and increasing revenue (and of course, that is part of what I'm known for)….

But, if you get clients and go into that trance of taking their money…
and then just "being there", that is a huge problem.

We are being brainwashed by all the funnels and upsells and downsells and value ladders and etc. etc. etc.
that the focus on the results that you are helping your clients get is taking a back seat.

THIS is what gets you more Diamond Clients. Doing a great job and focusing on your clients more than your marketing.

If you are feeling that your processes are messy, then they are.
Take some time to make your clients feel wanted, appreciated and…
the priority.

I hear so many coaches say that they "want to divorce themselves from the actual coaching".

Well, then you should become a course creator. No shame in that.

The issue lies in not being aligned with what you want to deliver, taking payment for what you maybe don't want to deliver, and then not fully delivering.

And being transparent on your sales calls is just the way to go.
People are so tired of the "shroud of mystery" and not getting all the information they need to make a good decision.

Yes, for all you professional sales coaches, this means to absolutely "go into the weeds"…which is contrary to what we have all been taught about sales.

So, review what:

  1. you really want to do. To offer. Get aligned.
  2. you are saying you will do for your clients on that sales call.

Being honest and transparent. Not going for the sale no matter what.

I was on a call last week with a woman who said she really wanted to work with me and apparently some big coaching company had been following up for ages to try and close her….

turns out she is on disability and really is in no shape to be on calls coaching people at all (it would be ill advised with her grave health challenges),

so I told her that I would not advise working with me, or anyone on that particular thing!

And that she needed to figure out a way to deliver something without getting on calls and coaching folks. So maybe create a deliverable course…

She was disappointed but thanked me for my honesty. She actually cried on the call.

So, figure out whether you can really help and if not…
then don't take that client and just help as much as possible to get them to their sweet spot without you.

Big love,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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