This Is How I Went From Zero To 6-figure Months

Wanna know how I went from zero to 6-figure months?

Even though I am still the "best kept secret" of the industry…

I have a steady stream of clients for my signature program and my business is thriving and growing.

Despite the fact that I am not a 2 comma club winner, a famous coach or celebrity.

I don’t have a mass following, I don’t have a huge list. (In fact I don’t even email them regularly).

I don’t have any strategic partnerships with gurus.

Even though I do have a Live on Saturdays, I do them when they don't interfere with family life.

I rarely post on my neglected YouTube channel, have an intimate following on Instagram, and really am mainly on Facebook and LinkedIn.

So…now the "how I went from zero to 6-figure months" part:

I mastered the art of getting ATTENTION.

I learned how how to attract the RIGHT EYEBALLS on my content. (Notice I don't say "audience". An audience is just a bunch of random, faceless folks watching you on a stage")

If you are struggling to build your business, it only means one thing:
You are not attracting the RIGHT people.
(Assuming your offer is solid and provides huge results).

You don’t have the RIGHT message.


✅Ditch the 12-month content calendars. (how can we know what will be relevant that far ahead?)

✅Concentrate more on fewer things (Actually ONE thing at a time).

✅Get MORE of your SPECIFIC Avatar's eyeballs on your content.

✅Stop Shiny Object Syndrome

Once you start doing more of fewer things….
you'll know exactly how to attract and sign up high ticket clients…..

And will be able to rinse and repeat….

Over and over.

It's a short cut…..
yeah, I heard folks say that short cuts don't exist… but they do.

You will stand out in the market and attract your Diamond Clients.

You'll never worry about not having an "audience" to launch to.
And getting rid of Shiny Object Syndrome is like getting out of jail!

I know it….been there, done that.

Said with love,

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Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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