Things you Need for a Business Breakthrough


Because Business Breakthrough is what I specialize in, I get tons of questions on exactly what it takes to make this happen. Folks are chasing so many shiny objects these days and building half built bridges, that they are losing focus on the matter at hand.

If you are in business, the goal is to really get to a breakthrough level. Not to be doing “fine” or plodding along, accepting that the state of the world is affecting your business and that there is nothing you can do.

There is always something you can do to break through to the other side.

Of course, it takes many moving parts to explode your business (in a good way), but I have isolated the 3 that I feel are absolutely necessary and that are the best starting point.

3 Things you Need for a Business Breakthrough

1. Get organized and productive

Without organization, nothing happens. Randomness does not work long term. It might seem exciting to be constantly thinking on your feet but at some point, you need to sit down and plan, plot and organize. I wrote an article that will help you with this right here.

Now, I don’t mean to never think on your feet. That certainly has its place in the entrepreneur’s life but it is not the main meal. It’s the side dish!

And then once you have a plan and are organized, you need to make sure you are operating at your highest productivity. That doesn’t mean doing the most you can – that means doing the most you can that is productive. What I mean is that being “very busy” is not the answer. It’s being busy doing what is strategic and what will move your business forward. If you are filling your days, getting little tasks done that someone else could be doing for you (we’ll get to this is in number 3), then believe it or not, that is not productive. Even if you let lots done.

This is pretty hard for serial busybees to grasp but it’s what you are doing that counts. In fact, it is sometimes more productive to get everything off your plate and have an hour to just think.

2. Get GRIT, or develop it

Once you are all organized, and have sturdy plans in place, and are working at a high productivity, you then need to have something that believe it or not, can be developed – GRIT.

This is the “whatever it takes” stuff that top entrepreneurs, and I’m guessing, you have. You need to keep going no matter what. If you fail, you need to pick yourself up and start again. And stop complaining.

Not one successful person in any arena, succeeded without Grit. I go into it in much more detail in this article: Without Grit, you will not succeed.

3. Get help

This is vital and I talk about this all the time. If you are doing everything yourself, it’s impossible to get more than very small strategies executed. Why? Because we only have so many hours that we can work in a day, and only so many days in our lives and  only so much energy, motivation and inspiration.

Also, we all have our sweet spots and one thing is for sure – we are not all great at everything from programming to writing, to selling to accounting, to Facebook ad management etc. etc. etc.

And even if you can do things like scheduling and all your emailing and bookkeeping, and all those tasks that are super easy, that’s great news. That means it’s even easier to find someone to do it for you.

That way, you clear your time and energy for ‘Business Building Activities”. This is my term for activities that actually bring in revenue.

Another way of getting help is to get the information you need to build your business to get that breakthrough.

There are many fine experts out there who are very generous with their help. And you do need to get their help.

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