The ONE biggest thing you need…

If you want to be a leader, then this is the ONE biggest thing you need...


That it the trait of leaders.

Not being fearless

Not being charismatic

Not being super intelligent

Not being cool

And being a leader is what makes a great entrepreneur

So developing your courage is the greatest use of your energy.

What can you do to develop this?

By now, you probably are going to guess that I will suggest you write down a list of things that can be worked on!

Where can you be more courageous?

Is it in breaching the hard conversations?

Is it in showing up when you really don't feel like it at all?

Is it taking FULL responsibility for your choices and actions and eradicating blaming others in any way, shape or form?

Is it making offers in your business when you would rather hide?

Is it in being courageous by being kind when you would rather just not summon up the energy?

Please give me some ideas below on how you can be more courageous! Setting intentions publicly is so important and impactful!

Lots of love,


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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