Reasons Why Things Don’t Work And What You Can Do About It

Don't let other peoples' opinions affect what you do online.

I keep seeing folks voicing how they feel that others should do business and I love that everyone has their own way…


there's some serious shaming going on out there if we don't operate exactly like the person who is telling us how to do business!

So, if you are happy with your method of outreach and it's working, ignore the people who sit there and tell you that you absolutely MUST do things their way.

(If your method is not working, well then, you need to find something that works WELL.)

I have seen coaches and service providers doubt what they are doing (when it's actually working) because some coach went on a live, or a story, or a post and denigrated every other way of doing business that wasn't how THEY are doing things.

And this affected the business of the person listening to all this.

That is not helping people. This is using "dirty NLP" (not all NLP is bad. Some folks don't use it ethically) to manipulate people.

✅Well, none of us know everything.
✅There are many ways of doing things.
✅Many things work.
✅Listen to yourself and stay confident.
✅And listen to folks who you trust.

That's all!

Great success to all, no matter how you are doing outreach!

I just want you all to succeed, no matter what!

Big love,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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