Put This Word Into Every Sentence

Put this word into every sentence…it will change your life…


What if you asked yourself:

What is possible?
What could possibly happen if I do XYZ?
What would be possible if I hired that coach I really want to hire?
What would be possible if I got my sleep on track?
What would be possible if I ate better?
It would be possible if I was more productive in my habits?
What would be possible if I just believed that good things could happen to me and for me?
What would be possible if I believed that I could actually shift my mindset into an abundance mindset?
What would be possible if I believed that I’m like “those” people who are actually hugely successful?

It’s actually scary beautiful when you start to open your mind up to possibility.

You start to realize how closed your mind actually was.

And how you’re doing all sorts of “things” but really in the background you don’t truly believe that it’s possible that it’s going to work.

If you don’t believe something is going to work, the chances of them actually working is pretty minimal.

The struggle comes from wrestling with the non- belief that it’s ever going to work no matter what you do.

Its this ugly mud wrestling in your mind that is holding you back.

It’s that beast that needs to be tamed.

So everything you do today, ask yourself what is possible before you do it.

Your day and everything you do will be so super charged….

like you just woke up from a deep sleep that you’ve been in for a hundred years.

Welcome back to your REAL life Rumpelstiltskin.

Said with love,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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