Number One Thing To Scale Your Coaching

Number ONE thing to scale your coaching or service providing business at the beginning..

is to validate your offer (alongside dialing in your Avatar of course).

These are the important points:

✅Your messaging must be dialed in to speak directly to your avatar..not some vague entity "out there", or an "audience". It's only ever ONE person when you are figuring out messaging.

✅The results are a perfect marriage for what your avatar wants and needs and transformation that will be huge (I call this an irresistible offer that is Catnip for your avatar. Yes, they should go wild for it. Not be mildly interested. Mildly interested does not compel or sell).

✅The investment provides huge ROI whether that is in money or health or whatever is being offered.

✅It is much easier to scale if your offer is high ticket. Really hard to scale to $100-$200k months and beyond if you are initially solely trying to sell $200 or even $1000 offers. Just saying.

I believe that folks really need to be at $30k or $40k per month before getting into running ads.

If you don't have this hyper-validated offer, it's just throwing money down the drain. There are too many variables with the ad management, creative, targeting and so many other things to not be 100% SURE that your offer has legs…

and I mean legs of steel.

So if you wait until the $30-$40K months before getting the whole ads thing started- you also then don't have that stress of the money being poured down the drain..

oops, I mean invested…

because you can sustain that because you have an ads budget.

I waited until I was at solid, consistent $100K plus months myself before embarking on the whole ads things…(still testing BTW to be completely transparent). But that's because I wanted to prove how great organic is and how far you can scale….

and this is what I help my clients with so need to have a very deep knowledge of this, and keep testing what works.

So, wait until you have a hyper-validated offer that is being clamored for…consistently, while getting incredible and consistent results for your clients.

And a huge thing to keep in mind. Focusing on CLIENT RESULTS is what should be your NUMBER ONE goal. This fast-tracks your offer being hyper-validated.

And makes your whole business viable and solid. That is the foundation. Obsession with client results.


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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