This Is What Goes On

This is what goes on in people’s head when they’re considering hiring you:

Is this person legit?
What if I don’t get results?
What if I don't do the work?
Will I get support in doing the work?
Will I be abandoned as soon as the payment goes through?

What if I put this on my credit card...and fail?

Then, what? What if I can’t pay my mortgage/rent/food...

what will happen?

What if I finally get help and then the curtain will be drawn back..
and I find out I’m not good enough after all?

And the world finds out that I'm an imposter?

What if this is another thing I enroll for and don’t finish?

So here's the thing. All of this is about the person who is considering availing you.

And very little about all this is about YOU.

Soooooo, whatever you're selling, you have to have trust in what you are selling. And confidence that what you are selling will get results.

You need more confidence that the person you are selling to.

You need to help them feel safe with you.

Safe in the investment.

And it has to be about THEM.

It's always about THEM.

Sure. They definitely need to understand what it is that they are signing up for, and what to expect.

But that's not about saying how great you are.

It's truthfully letting them know what they are getting in exchange for their money.

Simple, right?

So, keep all that in mind when someone is potentially interested.

They don't want to be sold to.

They want to be understood.

And they want to feel safe...

And not lost in the desert of fear.

Much love,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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