How To Get Your Big Goals

How to get to your BIG goals!

Even if you are JUST starting out.

Look, we all have to start somewhere, but I have a system that gets you further faster very simply!

So, here's a challenge for you:

Wherever you are in your business…..think of a HUGE AUDACIOUS GOAL (a HAG…but not like those unattractive ladies….like your beautiful futures)

So, the challenge is not to 10X necessarily, because this could be more than 10X'ing or less.

I personally got to my huge goal of $159K last month because I did this,.

My goal was actually $200K and I fell short but hey, I'm not crying.

If I hadn't aimed so high I wouldn't have made the $159K.

I wouldn't have hit those numbers if I hadn't aimed so high.

Now, I love numbers. My dad was a mathematician, so it runs in the blood….

but you don't need to love the numbers. Because your goal can be in terms of how many people you help…which will in turn represent those numbers.

Whatever works.

Just be BOLD! and DARE.

The deep problem with not getting to our goals is rarely stuff like marketing, ads, funnels….productivity.

It’s usually mindset.

Because when our mindset is right, all of that stuff gets taken care of.

So, start getting in the habit of setting HAG's. Be bold. And don't be fearful that you won't reach the goal.

So here's how:

  1. Set a goal that scares you.

If you are not doing something every day that scares you, you are actually holding yourself back by not stretching all sorts of mind muscles. And by not getting past fears. Which makes you stronger.

And make sure you LOVE your goals and what they represent.

It's not just about the money. It never is.

You don't have to start at $200K like me. Start at something that still scares you and that you really can't fully fathom happening.

  1. Do not give up on the goal as soon as the going gets tough.

Keep taking action, NO MATTER WHAT. Do not take tentative action and then watch the pot boil and then slink away because things didn't stay on track.

If it looks like the goal is not happening or on track, that doesn't mean you want have a last minute flood of traction. Stay the course.

Have faith.

And yes, keep taking action.

  1. Celebrate your success….

No matter what.

Setting these goals makes all sorts of wheels turn. And you will have results that you never would have had.

Just celebrate all of that.

And pat yourself on the back for whatever results you get.

If you never give yourself credit (because things aren't perfect) your psyche will betray you because she is fed up with you not acknowledging things unless they are exactly how you want them.

On the other hand, celebrating successes makes more success happen. Because you are rewarding your psyche and she will serve you well.

  1. Keep picking yourself up, no matter what happens.

And set the next goal. Rinse and repeat.

Experience the magic.

Said with love,

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Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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