How To Become Better By Investing In Yourself

If you’re a coach or service provider/consultant, have you always wanted to do a high ticket program but feel like you just can’t do it because of fear?

The thing is that the high ticket program is the way to scale on the front end quicker than anything else …

And to get a budget for ads.

And the bonus is that high ticket is what brings in the highest results for your clients. Hands-down.


Because when Folks invest in themselves, they are all in and do way more. And you are all in because you respect a larger investment more than 100 bucks. So yes, you will serve your clients at a much much higher level if they are paying high ticket.

And I know you’re saying to yourself « but oh I give as much when people pay 100 bucks as $10,000 or $5000 or $3000”….

it’s not true.

So what is keeping you from this?

Well whats keeping a lot of people from it is that they don’t believe that they are worth it.

Or that anybody will pay them for it.

And that: “why don’t I just discount my course/program and charge next to nothing” because it fits in with their idea of themselves.

So it all comes down to belief. You can’t hide or as I say “half hide” and somehow become a success.

People feel that a mile away. they smell it.

So what needs to happen is you need to look at exactly how good you are. Look at all the client success is that you had.

And if you haven’t had a lot of clients successes, then ask yourself why you set out on this journey in the first place.

We all started somewhere. We all had to get that first client. And we all had to produce results. Nobody was born having clients when they saw the light of day.

And man up, or woman up, and be in your truth in those better moments.

There was a reason. And the reason was not to second guess, triple guess, and quadruple guess yourself while you’re not making money…

and while you get up every morning and feel crappy about yourself every day because you’re nowhere near your goals.

And discouraged because it seems like it’ll be 100 years before you get to the place you want to be 
And on top of everything else…

you’re not getting client results because who can get client results with some half * course or program that there’s no real investment in?

And then there’s the imposter syndrome.
“Who am I to think that I could be in one of those top coaches who transforms other peoples lives and businesses and also create meaningful wealth?”

The question always is…
Who are you NOT to be that person?

And no, you are not being arrogant. No you’re not being pretentious.

Those days where you get up and you feel inspired, when you remember why you started this in the first place, when you feel in your true self and on fire,…
That’s the real you. That is not the False you. The false you is the one that is the little you always doubting, always having to talk yourself off the ledge…
So get to that place of the real you and have a real talk with yourself and ask yourself what you really want. And then go for it.

Yes you are worth it. Yes you are worthy. Right now! Nobody can conceive of what they want if they are not capable of it. Period.

What is a real client magnet is true confidence. And standing in your truth. And helping your people.

Without crumpling and self doubting.

I see this all over the place and it is destroying businesses that haven’t even had a chance to start yet.

And wasting so much time and so much of precious life.

And destroying so many hopes.

So take that step, and create an offer that you really want to create. Because the fact is nobody really wants to hustle and grind to sell A $200 program. That will not get results.

And is demoralizing for you.

Once you get this mindset straight, and get a really good lead generation system in place and learn how to sell your stuff from a genuine place of serving other people without trickery or slimy tactics, you will explode!

The authentic you, is worthy, so start living who you are now and go for what you really want!

It’s a cliché I know but life really is too short. I have experienced this first hand as many many many other people on this earth have experienced.

Stop hiding. And invest in yourself and your #Truevision.

Big love,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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