Double Your Profits this Month – here’s the formula


Here is a quick Strategy Bomb for you that you can take action on right now!

I was lying awake last night thinking about how my business has grown and what the main challenges are of my clients and all the hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs I have served. 

And I was thinking that really, it’s getting that first jump in profits which then mushrooms because… you have started the ball rolling. Why? Because it brings the belief you and the way you can make more money, the motivation to keep going and the confidence that you can do it! And you have started to have fun! Because nothing is more fun than when it’s all working. Right?

And I was thinking that if someone could have a formula for bringing in double the amounts of cash for this coming month – right NOW, that would be the first big step towards skyrocketing their business. 

So, here it is. My 3 – step plan for making this happen!

1. DECIDE to make this happen. This is the most important step. Just decide that this next month, you are doubling your profits. Not that you are going to make your financial goal for this year, or make that million dollars (that is later). But that you will do whatever it takes to make this happen, this month (of course we are talking about whatever it takes that is legal and ethical). 

2. IDENTIFY your most profitable service, or product that you are offering. Take a good look at where most of your current cash is being made. And analyze how this happening. 

3. CONCENTRATE on this best selling product/service and continue to market the pants off that – not only by doing what you are already doing but by brainstorming other ways of promoting and selling this biggest money maker. Don’t concentrate on your other products at all, so you are HYPER focused on bringing in as much profits as possible from this one product. And your energy is not dispersed, running after tons of different things. Of course, you should continue selling the other services if people want them but your main focus should be on this one offering for one whole month. And on maximizing sales. 

After one month, this complete focus and attention on the tried and true, should make a real difference in your profits!

​I would love to read any comments below or if you need any extra help. And if you do follow this plan, please share your experiences! Or any feedback on successes if you are already doing this. We all learn from each other. I am always super interested in hearing about your business!

With much love and to your Success,



Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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