Professional Coaching For Coaches

Have you thought about coaching for coaches?

As a coach are you finding it hard to get clients? Do you worry that the leap of faith you took to become a coach has backfired? Maybe you’re concerned about your image as a coach and need some help finding your own way?

Coaching is a powerful way for you as a professional coach to further develop your skills and improve your practice. It offers an opportunity for you to receive feedback, gain new perspectives and learn from experienced coaches on how to move forward and gain traction.

It also allows you to explore new coaching techniques and approaches, and to expand knowledge of the coaching industry as a whole. If you feel as though you’re in need of some coaching so your coaching business can pick up speed, Jeanne Omlor International is here to help.

Our passion is to help dedicated coaches like you to find your “Genius Zone”. This is where you are able to obtain maximum growth easily and the work/life balance you deserve. Whether you’re new to coaching or have found success in the past and simply need a boost, we are here to make a real difference.

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