3 Things That Will Help You Grow Your Coaching Business

I’m on track for my biggest month ever in my coaching business…

and these are the three things…..

that I boiled down that you absolutely must get dialed in to make GREAT things happen!

(Once You are clear on your offer and avatar of course!)

  1. Content!
    So many people publish content just for the sake of writing content and getting it on the timeline or in groups.

This is just a waste of time.

Content must have a clear intention.

Whether that’s to instruct people, to give value, to inspire and lead….or
as a Lead gen (don’t do this in groups or you’ll get kicked out- I’m talking about on your timeline.)

Because good content has a very long shelf life.
I have folks reaching out to me sometime months after I've written a post that they have come across.
Weak content or just content that is ordinary or "vanilla" as I call it, just clogs up peoples feeds.

And nobody wants to be a "feed clogger".

  1. Lead generation.
    If you have a no leads, how are you going to get clients?

The two basic types of lead generation are, organic, or paid.
Figure out which one is going to work best for your business, or..
you might want to do both.

Really depends on the business.

Organic is great if you want control and you don’t want to be pouring money down the drain if your ads are not dialed in.
Or you don't have a really healthy media budget to play with..
Or anything at all is not dialed in..

Ads can be an expensive trap if you’re not at a certain level of being dialed in.

  1. Sales.
    If you have a great content, and beautiful, effective lead generation , but you cannot get people to sign up with you, what is the point?

This is the part of the funnel or whether that’s organic or paid, that a lot of people have a lot of problems with.

I see folks who have a great content, pretty good lead gen going, but they cannot get those sales.

And of course, I talk to a lot of people who are good at the sales…
but cannot get people on the call because their content and their lead generation are not in place.

So figure out which part of these three things you have a weakness with, and sort that out.
Maybe it’s all three..

Whatever it is…. sort it all out.
that's the way forward.

And of course, apart from all this, the right mind landscaping has to be in place.

A mind landscaping that says:
✅ I can do this.
✅ I am worthy.
✅ All I have to do is do the work
✅I do not worry about what people think of me…
✅I do not compare myself to others

These last two points are the biggest killers of confidence.

OK that’s all! Hope it’s helpful!


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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