You Are This Close To Success

I was speaking with a friend yesterday and she told me that she remembered the exact moment when she was standing in her friend's apartment, watching one of my very first videos when I had not been coaching very long…..

needless to say, it was REALLY bad! The sound was awful, the picture was all pixelated, and my performance was awful.

And she was thinking:

"Poor Jeanne, this is never going to work. And look at her just trying there."

This was about 11 years ago.

And she said yesterday:

"And now I see that you are on $100K plus months and that all that needed to happen, was for you to keep going".

First of all, I really admired her honesty.

Second of all, she is right…

I just needed to keep going.

However, I truly feel that I could have done it WAY quicker if I had gotten the proper information and training and coaching earlier.

If I had gotten myself online earlier.

In 2019, I thought I was washed up. 54 years old, in deep debt, burnt out from offline networking, and not knowing what the heck my next move was…

And this massive growth has taken place since August 2019.

That's lots of years living in struggle, just slowly building it….

It was painful and now I know there is a WAY better way, which offline marketing can't touch.

But I live in GRATITUDE, not regret.

Huge gratitude that I turned my business and life around at this age.

So, you never know when you will make those huge strides.

You never know when you are 5 feet from the gold.

Keep going and keep your eyes open for the folks who can really optimize your progress.

And please take advantage of the HUGE opportunity that being online really is!


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Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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