This Will Help You Build Your Solid System

Do you respond when people try to force a sale?

Nobody does.

And especially for visionaries who care more about helping people than anything else, it's repelling and feels so low and misaligned.

Like our businesses are being soiled just by talking to people who are pushy.

And those folks who do that are desperate.


Because their lead generation is poor.
And every lead is a do or die situation for them.
I call this being "Client Poor".

So, the solution is to get a system in place for a steady stream of leads…
so that you can show up on calls for people who are exploring working with you with INTEGRITY.

Having integrity on sales calls or however you are inviting clients in to work with you means no coercion or manipulation or convincing.

It's respecting that the person who you are talking to needs to make their own decision.

Potential clients sell themselves just by having you highlight your value.

That is all.

Highlighting the results.

And they sell themselves.

And you attract the right people into your world.

And these people are usually those people who understand that they also have to do the work.

Your job is to be the guide to getting them to where they want to go. The disruptor that gets them on the path to their higher success and potential.

So, the way forward is a very solid system for a stream of leads.

Huge success,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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