Business Strategist Coach Client Results

Jeanne Omlor's Client Results

Ulrika ‘Red’ Nilsson

CEO Red Circle Event Solutions

It has been a pleasure working with Jeanne. To say that I have greatly benefited, both personally and professionally, from working with her is an understatement. Jeanne possesses invaluable business expertise and experience, she is a master at introducing creative strategies and comprehensive steps to achieve goals and raise profits. Perhaps most importantly, she gives brilliant constructive criticism, and she holds you accountable! She has a professional, holistic coaching style, leaving no stone unturned, making the road to excellence interesting and easy to understand. The fact that she is also kind, generous and mindful is a wonderful bonus and it is obvious that Jeanne has a passion for helping -people succeed, on every level (and she is there celebrating every milestone with you!) Jeanne is solution-focused, highly communicative and she is an incredibly positive and motivating person. I highly recommend Jeanne to anyone fully committed to attaining excellence in business and Leadership – she is the one!

Lishui K Springford

Before I started working with Jeanne, I struggled every day to find the time to get the things I need to get done to make great strides not only with my business but in every area of my life. I had way too many priorities and had built “relaxation” habits into my day which Jeanne immediately zoned in on and showed me were wasting over 3 hours of my day! Let me tell you, as an entrepreneur who is a single mom with a special needs child, I can get an awful lot done given three extra hours in a day! Just this one realization resulted in me making real, concrete progress on my business every day, usually getting more accomplished by 9 a.m. than I used to get done in a week. This helped me increase my profits immediately!  Jeanne also has many other strategies-now I have a lot more time and flexibility to implement these AND to be creative and strategic. She also helped me gain the confidence to follow through with my lifework to do great things and serve many people. What I have loved most about Jeanne’s coaching and programs, and the reason I highly recommend her to other people who are serious about getting their important work out there to the world and to make money doing it, is how she gets right to the heart of the subject quickly, effectively, but with compassion. She is laser-smart, and she helps you get the job done!

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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