Normalizing Numbers

You know when you really start to bring in the revenues and wealth you wish for?

When you normalize the numbers.

And make this a new normal.

When you stop believing that the number that you want (cuz that's all it is) is some kind of unattainable, untouchable thing out there.

Some sort of really hard thing to be grasped for.

Something connected to stress and striving and over-hustling.

Start doing some creative visualizations or mind movies of you living the way you want to when that number is just part of your life.

That is how you can make it all part of the NEW NORMAL.

Yeah, and you will still need to take action and be intentional about your goals, 'cuz you know by now, that I don't believe in the Law of Attraction without action….

But this normalization happens in your mindset.

And yes, here's you thinking "Jeanne, I don't just care about money, you materialistic lady. I want to create IMPACT."

I hear you. I had that POV for YEARS when I was in my very long "starving artist" phase.

But here's thing:

More revenues, profits and wealth help you to create more impact (no way around this one).

Richard Branson would not have been able to create the impact he has….

Andrew Carnegie…just to name a couple

You get it.


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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