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If you’re tired of ALL the shiny objects doing nothing but wasting more of your time……and you want to do what’s been proven to work, time and time again.

I want to show you how simple (and fulfilling) building a coaching business to 6-7 figures can (and should) be.

How to get back to the basics and ONLY focus on what actually matters so you spend more time coaching. There are tons of coaches out there, but I am a business coach for coaches who cares about you not only making more money than you ever have, but also, about creating the Impact that is just waiting to unleash!

We help our clients:

  • Get crystal clear on who you can help, how you can help them, and why they even want your help in the first place.
  • How to become a Diamond Client magnet and get people reaching out to you first, who need your help, and who you can help get amazing results.
  • and how you can scale with no tech, or drama.

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Client Success Stories

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Anastasia - Rapid Transformation

Anastasia doubled her income and clients when she hired me me as her business coach. She had worked with another business coach for coaches but did not get these results we got super clear on new systems to BE ABLE to scale! She had been helping a lot of women to transform their lives but wanted to go BIG! She got out of the confusion of not knowing where to turn, where to be, and what to do.

Joey Mazars - Course Cycle

Joey came to Jeanne to learn how to consistently make 5 Figure Months in his Service Based Business and within a couple of weeks of working with Jeanne he brought in a $14,000 of Revenue. A very happy client indeed!

Lance Mikell - Refocus on Happiness

Lance has a Refocus on Happiness Business and wanted to learn how he could expand, diversify and scale his already successful business using organic social media organic strategies. Working with Jeanne, Lance tripled his business engagement on his social media while multiplying his existing connections.

Dr. Heather Hammerstedt

Heather met Jeanne last fall and when she starting working with her she immediately went from $2K per month to $30K. With a bit more of Jeanne’s help, Heather quickly climbed to $50k months and is now sitting at $100k months staying a part of Jeanne’s community and with her extended help.

Alison Reeves

Alison was struggling with the volume of her sales calls when she reached out to Jeanne. After only one month of working with Jeanne, Alison brought in 11K before the month had even closed out. From going through the Business Success Accelerator Program, Alison loved the mindset & accountability plus the easy access to Jeanne and the Coaches.

Dr. Dianah Lake

$25K in 6 weeks!! Dianah revolutionizes her clients' health and fitness and creates greater happiness. Otherwise known as Fit Boss Doc, listen to what Dianah says about being "natural" and getting her clients to a YES in a heart-centered way.

Adrienne Rivera

Adrienne helps coaches and healers through alignment, connection, and online events. In one week and a half she has brought in over $56K into her business and then she got $88K in three weeks of working with us!

Client Interviews

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Hind Frata

Hind is an Executive Coach and Career Advisor. She helps Executives clarify focus and lead their careers.

Alex Vonderhaar

Alex calls himself a Neuromarketer and he helps small businesses thrive online with Digital Marketing.

Dr. Dianah Lake

Dianah helps professional women become Fit, Fierce & Fabulous by creating a body they absolutely love.