It’s only when you KEEP your power

It's only when you KEEP your power that you can reach your full potential.

Getting help is so important on our journey of success, but what has worked for me is to get help, but constantly be conscious of not giving my power away to ANYONE.

When we rely completely on other people for our success is a slippery slope.

And whenever the old me used to put my fate in other people's hands, it was always a disaster.

It took me years to believe in myself enough to get help without becoming dependent on my coaches...

or anyone in my life actually.

And it's really coming from self love. I believe it's all coming from self love. And self love it the hardest thing to truly practice.

So, here's me saying that: You are the greatest. You are worthy and ready right now.

If you want my self love formula, just reply with #love. 

Much love, 



Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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