It’s All About Massive, Messy Action

Many famous, successful people would not have succeeded if they did things ONE time.

Thomas Edison would never have succeeded if he did not do that hundreds and hundreds of experiments needed to discover anything at all (or in some cases to develop others' ideas that he "borrowed").

And you can't get good at anything like piano, skateboarding, writing, painting etc…if you just practised one time.

So, it's the same with marketing. All marketing.

Like social media, e-mails, posts you name it….

So, the idea is to do things many times.

Volume in numbers is always important.

Of course, while you are doing the volume, you are finessing and making every effort more and more honed.

And for this first part, I call it:

Massive, Messy Action.

Actually, I coined that term and it's part of my brand now.

Because that is exactly how I got to where I am right now.

I don't eat once. I don't breathe once. I don't post a post once. I don't send an email once.

I don't do anything once and expect results. That is how amateurs think.

And it's defintely not the amateurs who are winning in the online space.

And here's the thing. Being and amateur or not is ALL in your mindset. Nothing about how long you have been doing something.

It's a fierce online space and you can't expect to do something just once or twice and get results from it.

You need to have the sustainability of a faucet that just keeps dripping…

but hopefully that doesn't keep you up at night!

Much love,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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