Finding What Is “Aligned” For You Is Important


And this is even more important.

Understanding whether saying “things are not aligned” is just your way of chickening out.
Or not.

I hear people say ”I just don’t know if this is aligned” day in and day out.
In many different contexts.
In most contexts, it has something to do with selling, or reaching out, or being visible.
Daring to make an offer.
Or doing something that is hard to do.
Or doing something that they have never done before.

So, most of the time, I know that just means they are afraid to sell.
Or are uncomfortable selling.
Or doing something that they are not familiar with.

Of course, that means there are other things behind this. That need to be unpacked.
Like a lack of confidence.
Or lack of self-love.
Or a lack of belief in what they’re doing.

So when I hear that, what I’m thinking is that it is “aligned” to figure out what we need to do to sell what it is we are selling if we have a business.

THAT is in alignment with building a business.
Because every single business has to sell.
Or it’s not a business. It’s a charity.

So, yes, being truly aligned In the true meaning, is very, very important.

As in, if the nature of what you’re doing is not aligned with what your true purpose is. Very important to get in alignment with that.
…and figure that out.

So that it is aligned.

However, as I said….that is not what folks are talking about. Most of the time.

They are talking about not wanting to feel any discomfort whatsoever, at all, for even one second.

Because they think that being aligned means that there is zero pain involved.

That there is zero discomfort involved.

And that they feel good every single second.

And this is not what drives growth.

Doing things that you have never done that push you past all boundaries, is what drives growth.

It’s also it makes you more and more courageous.

And more and more daring.
And this is actually exhilarating.
That is the side benefit.
You feel great.

And it’s also what will help you build your business…..

If that’s what is aligned for you.

And often this is not about pushing. Or burning yourself out.

This is just about letting the brakes be taken off.

What’s one thing you can take the brakes off for today?

I hope that was helpful.


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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