Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

“Well, here’s the trick about money. The understanding that it is available in unlimited supply and readily replaceable changes everything.”
― Dan S. Kennedy

For years, I had such a debilitating Money Story.

I believed I was not worth it.
I believed that other people were allowed to have money.
I believed that I was meant to be in lack.

And then one day, I had an epiphany. yes, it was on one day…

I was in a laundromat in Greenwich Village in New York, watching my clothes spin around and around…
and it donned on me that I was living in a reality I had created of lack. A belief system.

And for one minute, I exited that world into a world where I was worthy. Where I could "have".

And bucketloads of cash did not immediately pour on my head.

But it was the start of me re-writing my money story.

I had hiccups along the way, but once you have that epiphany, everything changes.

where are you in your Coaching/Service provider business Money Story?

If the answer is not where you should be, then:

✅ Step 1: Get clear on your offer
✅ Step 2: Get clear on your "Diamond Client"
✅ Step 3: Design the business you want and life you want and the impact…with the money you want to make, fearlessly. And embracing the flood of money you want to come in with open arms and heart.

I say to get clear on other things, because you can't rewrite your Money Story in a vacuum.

When you are clear on the strategy, then the Money Story has a playing field to play out in.

It's 2022…

Yes, you knew that already because we all keep reminding you…

But repetition is what makes things sink in.

Scary in a way, right? That time just gallops along.

Only if you are afraid that it's going to be a replay of the last 10 years.

Coaching and service providing businesses are dragging along, struggling…

People are inwardly freaking out. (And outwardly not admitting to it)

And the thing is that there are literally millions of people online right now who need and desperately want EXACTLY what you sell…and yes folks it IS selling.

YOU could be selling your services to your Ideal Client THIS MOMENT…

What are you waiting for?

We can't turn back time. Think about that for ONE second.

Stop disrespecting your time and your life and all that you could make happen for your business and your bank account.


And don't let fear hold you back.

Just not worth it. You are worth way more than that.

Figure out what your Money Story is keeping you from. And remove the barriers. Get help if you need.

And let the floodgates open.


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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