Creating Good Content Consistently

Creating good content is one thing…..but this is even more important.

creating good content CONSISTENTLY.⁣⁠

Is it ok to take a break here and there?


Personally, I take breaks from my FB lives.
But what's important is to not have an "all or nothing" attitude.

And I want to address any queasiness you may have in your heart of stomach as you read this….

Content creation does not have to be hard.
Content creation does not have to be something that we dread.
Content creation can be something that we integrate and that we enjoy…
and that we have ZERO icky feelings about…
because we just saw the latest Insta expert who just exploded and ALLLLLLLL the content that they produce.
And that looks so hard and PROFESSIONAL…
And that we could not imagine producing ourselves…
Content does not have to be perfectly slick.

Phew, gotta go do my Instant Shift technique to clear my anxiety myself because of the memories in the past of that feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm at all the content we were prescribed to do and the thought:

"How can I possibly do what they are doing?"

And I am here to say that you don't have to have a podcast, content on Youtube, Instagram, FB and Linkedin, Clubhouse all at once, or all of that ever…
you don't have to have all of those fancy branding templates…
and you don't have to DO all that you see others doing…
to create a $Million dollar coaching or service providing business .

I know cuz I am the most un-fancy person with content…and no-frillls…
and I've done just that

you know it!

In fact one of my clients signed up with me because she said:
"Either you are full of BS or a genius to have created what you have so simply".
Because I believe it CAN be simple!.

And not overwhelming and "dialed in" to the nth degree.

Sometimes that is offputting for others as it looks untouchable.

And folks want to know that they can do this TOO!

You can figure out what YOU need to produce as far as content and not compare yourself to what everyone else is doing.

I've noticed that some TOP earners don't even have a podcast. They make millions of $ per year…

No podcast.
So, that's one thing that is not absolutely necessary.
Just an example.

So, you don't HAVE TO do anything in particular.
But you DO need to figure out what content and where that content should be to move your business forward.
It is different for everyone.
The key, however is CONSISTENCY.

And creating content is like money in the bank (if you use your content well by recycling it and repurposing it, as I teach in my program).
And it's normal to have highs where you feel like a content machine- with ideas every day, on fire with amazing content week after week.⁣⁠
And there will also be low times where you have to pause your content to recuperate.⁣⁠

It's normal.

And it's ok as long as you keep the thread going in some way…
And it's ok if you don't give up and have to start from zero.
⁣⁠And as long as you get back in the saddle…⁣⁠
Because all those pennies in the bank….
become DOLLARS.
And it all adds up in the Content Bank.⁣⁠
And the best time to start is today.
The best time to start anything is today!

Much love,

Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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