Being More Extraordinary

This is what gets you head and shoulders above everybody else...

Those people who are hugely successful and whom you admire, have understood this….

✅Not being like everybody else.

✅Not having your thermostat set at average.

When you react and act like everybody else, you will not get yourself into the 1% that succeeds massively.

So look at how you are acting and reacting and ask yourself if (XYZ Person that you really admire) would act like that.

This is a sobering thing to do.

And gets you straight on not going into some mediocre state.

Because you can bet on it that that person you really admire -who is extremely successful, did not act or react like an average person….

And still doesn’t!

Because I see a lot of people wanting extraordinary results, but they do not want to act like extraordinary people!

Being extraordinary, acting in an extraordinary way, having grit….
has to be aligned to get extraordinary results.

I ask myself in when a challenging situation comes up, how I can act in a better way.

A stronger way.

More mature way.

More gritty way.

Kinder way.

When can you ask yourself this? Where can you BE more extraordinary?

Hope this was helpful!


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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