Be Scared. Be Very Scared.


I know that Halloween is a time of catharsis by way of being scared of goblins and witches and all sorts of unspeakable creatures from horror films and the dark depths of our psyches.

But it’s over now.

And we actually need to work on not “Being scared. Very scared”.

Most of us find ourselves in fight or flight mode most of the time. And it seems there are so many things that we can be scared of these days that our early ancestors didn’t even have to think of. They were scared of basic things like being eaten, not having enough food and freezing to death.

We still have those fears (minus being eaten in most cases) and it seems we have added so many other things we can be scared of…

We are scared of the IRA, our credit card company, our landlord, our bank officer, or that if we don’t act the way we should, others won’t like us, or that bots will attack our email signup list, that our kids will not be the best in their class, that someone will damage our car…or that it  will need expensive repairs, that we will be rejected, that we will not get what we want, that our business will fail if we start one, that our website won’t be perfect, that we will be gypped, that our internet service will go down,  and that we might even get booted off of by the Twitter/ Facebook gods if we don’t play by their rules…

The list goes on and on and the worst part is this vague backdrop of general fear that is not even named. An anxiety of things that are in hiding and waiting to jump out and eat us, like in a horror film.

And I see people in this fear-based thinking every day. This kind of fear-based thinking is a disease that keeps us from living our lives to the fullest and taking measured risk. And I know this fear-based thinking well, because I used to be in it myself.

I’m not saying to be careless and irresponsible. And I’m not saying that there are not scary things in life. But to really look at what we are thinking and what we are scared of. And that it’s how we view these things. We can have the same exact situation to solve, but to solve it from a non fear-based perspective.

And to really go for what we want – in the version of our life where we are not paralyzed by these fears.

If you feel that the credit card company is going to charge you being late, call them up and negotiate with them (some people don’t even know you can do this). Take the fear out of these entities for a start. Every time you do, the curtain is pulled back a bit. And when it’s pulled all the way back, you will know you are living your life to the fullest and that you are not living behind some false curtain of fear.

And every single time, you will feel more and more powerful.

If you want to start a business, just do it. Find out what it takes regardless of all of the fears involved. And do it. Invest in your success.

And if you need help in working through these fears, look at my article: 5 Ways to Stop your Fears From Strangling your Success.

If you have pulled back your curtain on fear even just a little, please share with us by commenting below. You might just inspire one of the people who is on here looking for inspiration, so don’t be shy!

With much love and to your Success,


Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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