Always Invest In Your Own Success

If you want to achieve great things in your business, and to be the VISIONARY I know you want to be, there is ALWAYS an investment to make.

When I got certified WAYYYY at the beginning of my coaching career, I made the mistake of not SEEING this.

I felt like: Hey, I was certified (and such a GREAT coach LOL) and I had an enormous blind spot regarding ME coaching other people, but not thinking I needed a coach (or to make other investments in my biz.)

Luckily, a more experienced coach friend caught this red flag, sat me down and got me straight on this….

and I immediately got my first coach.

Now, I see how insane this mindset was!

And I shudder to think what would have happened if I had not started this practice of investing in my business.

What path I would have gone down.

And it IS a practice. (I actually have an investment budget carved out. It is not random. )

Investing in your business and yourself is what drives you forward.

And if you are not moving forward, you are stuck.


And that investment is something that does need to be weighed, but not something that you should be in fear about….

and not something that you end up NOT making because of fear….while telling yourself that nobody really can help you…

and that you don't need help because you are certified, or special or amazing or the best darned coach in the world, or that you SHOULD be able to do this on your own with all the free advice and reports and tactics you are using. (Even more dangerous).

Figure out where the fear is and take it out of the equation so you can clearly see the investment and the value of it.

And the value of the lost opportunity.

And realize that if you do not invest in YOUR business and YOU, it's a kind of craziness to expect clients to invest in YOU.

That incongruence will always keep you "Client Poor".

Believe in yourself and your potential.

And value yourself enough to invest in your own success.


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Business Strategist Coach Jeanne Omlor


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