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Live Your Precious Life
Live Your "Precious" Life

Are you living your "Precious Life"—you know—the authentic version that makes you excited to wake up every day and get to business?

Are you overworked and/or underpaid in your business and stuck because you have no clear direction?

Do you dream of doing something “Else” with your life but can’t motivate yourself or can’t find the time or the way?

Are your passions and dreams getting further and further away from you. Dreams of the business you really want, together with a beautiful personal life, and Happiness and Peace of Mind that comes from fulfilling our lives in the way we deeply desire?

Are you not loving your life?

Well, you can love your life and your business far more than you can possibly imagine!

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Learn the ONE Non-Negotiable Thing You need to Succeed

The recipe for success has many ingredients, including a pinch of sheer luck for some people. But what comes up again and again with me and my clients is the one vital ingredient that is non-negotiable and very learnable: Persistence.


Are there times when you think of giving up on what you just know you are supposed to be doing? And somehow at the time, does this giving up seem to be a good idea for so many reasons?

Have you ever noticed that whatever you do, that this moment will come up for you at some point? That there is no escaping it?

With whatever I have wanted to do and have done in my life, I wanted to succeed immediately. I wanted to speak other languages with the wave of a magic wand, paint like the masters in two weeks and well, I wanted to learn how to sing opera yesterday, of course! I was not patient and definitely not persistent if it took too much sustained effort.

I found myself in this situation many times because somehow, I thought and hoped that something would be immediate or effortless or “Magic Wandish”.

Sound familiar?

But that’s not life and I can tell you that when I started singing lessons many years ago, my voice was trapped – potentially a good voice but I needed training and lots of it. I stuck with it and practiced almost every day for years, and I got better and better and ended up loving singing. Did I give up. No. Was it frustrating. Yes.

But it taught me about process and development and persistence. And I gained great satisfaction from the results, to boot. And this has served me well, especially in my business.

Why Be Persistent?

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Hard Hitting Strategies to Get Ideal Clients on Linkedin


Are you on Linkedin but not really sure why? Are you afraid to actually “engage” because you aren’t even sure how to engage? Are you wondering why you are even spending time on there if there is no obvious ROI?

Well, in this episode of Skyrocket your Business, my guest is Dionne Kasian-Lew, CEO of The Social Executive®, a consultancy advising boards and professionals on social media.

And she takes us through EXACTLY how use Linkedin and not have Linkedin use you! In this show, Dionne will take us step-but-step through a clear and do-able action plan to getting clients on Linkedin. Because after all, that is why we are on there, whether we are supposed to admit or not.

So, head over there right now to start using Linkedin to your advantage:

And her brand spanking new book just came out and it is equally actionable and informative. It’s called: The Social Executive – how to master social media and why it’s good for business and you can nab it right here.

Dionnne is also a regular columnist for Leading Company, Smart Company, Firebrand, & Salesforce and has written for Company Director.

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Voracious Follow-up and Having your Clients LOVE you for it



There are a few things that no business can succeed without. And one of them is proper follow-up.

Why won’t a business succeed without proper follow-up?

Because if you drop the ball when someone has expressed interest in your service, product, or working with you in any way, it translates into a direct fall or loss of prospective clients, and earnings. And it’s probably not helping your business image much either.

Follow-up was always necessary but especially these days because people are bombarded with information and you need to rise above all of this noise.

And proper follow-up is an art. It can’t be pushy, it must be pleasant at all times, but it must be persistent.

And I call this art: “Voracious Follow-up and having your clients LOVE you for it!” And that is what your follow-up has to be.

Voracious yet nice and not weird or brusque or in any way forcing. You need to follow up and have your potential clients see you are “Cool”. And I don’t mean cool in some arty way, but just a really great person to deal with.

That is the key. You need to be seen and regarded as someone who is just always cool, no matter what. Because that cool person is the one that people want to deal with, buy from, and hang out with in life.

Now, I have a question for you. Have you had a customer experience, either from a salesperson in a shop, or a phone support person or anybody and left that experience feeling great because that person was cool? Friendly and nice, yet did their job?

So, you see, it’s a great feeling. And that is the way you want your clients to “Feel”.

And I completely agree with what Maya Angelou said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

The key is being unforgettable in the best possible way.
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Sure Fire Communication Tools to Get the Clients you Want NOW! [podcast]



Do you feel clumsy in your communication and like you have absolutely messed up when other times, your communication seems very effective?

Have you ever wondered how to get clients just by tallor-making the way you communicate? Maybe you haven’t even given this much thought.

Well, it’s very possible to hone in your communication to suit the persons you are speaking with.

In this episode of my radio show: Skyrocket Your Business, I talk with Pamela Cournoyer, Business Relationship Expert and Founder of Communicate with CLASS as she gives you more aha’s in one show than you’ve had in a lifetime of communicating!

If you are looking for Super Effective ways to make sense of people and get those ideal clients you want, this is where to go.

And not only will this help you on your business, but in your personal life.

Click here to get the scoop.

Pamela opens up a whole new world of types of communicators and how to have the most effective style with each and every one of them.
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Secrets of A Top Wall St. Recruiter – How it can transform your Biz

Quite a few years ago, before I was a coach, I used to be a pretty successful Executive Recruiter for extremely high-level Wall Street players. Now, you may be wondering how this could help you or even be pertinent to your particular business. Well, it can absolutely turn your whole business around!

Well, when I was working as a recruiter, I was surrounded by other recruiters who were often struggling. They would come in to work, slog away, and for the amount of work they were putting in, there were not a whole lot of results. Some recruiters hardly ever placed anyone.

And I wondered why I was successful and they weren’t. Why were they floundering to get the right people in the door? Why did what I was doing, work? What was I doing differently?

I thought a lot about it and analyzed the secrets to my success.

So, here’s the deal.

What I was doing differently had to do with how I was persisting and the style of how I was persisting in my communications with my clients and candidates.

I have used these secrets in every venture since then, and now in my coaching business. Not only with my clients but with all the people I hire, and deal with in any capacity.

These following secrets (which are about to no longer be secret!) can be applied to so many different situations in all areas of how you communicate in your business and even your personal life.

Secret #1 Follow up.

businesswoman on phone photoscom Secrets Of A Top Wall Street Recruiter

Well, you might think that follow-up means calling people back once or twice and then deciding that it just didn’t work. And, going to grab a coffee. Not so. I followed up, and followed up until I got an answer one way or another.

The largest number of follow-ups I clocked for one person was 48! Yes. I called a prospective candidate and left 48 voice mail messages for him. I felt that this person would really be a good fit for a particular high-level job and that he would appreciate hearing what I had to offer, so I wasn’t about to give up.

He finally called back, yelled at my assistant and said that I should never call back again. Ever.

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