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How to Spring Clean your Business and Renew


It’s Easter Time!

What a great time of the year to re-think, re-new and re-energize. Spring, with the added boost of Easter, is the time of rebirth.

And if you are like me, I just am bursting at this time of year to do things over, to take on things with new fervor and to…Spring Clean! But we sometimes just don’t feel the energy we would like to make this all happen, or the organization. I hear you!

So, I’ve gotten a little checklist together on how to make this happen so you hit the ground running after Easter and feel like you are reborn and all refreshed:

1. Spring Clean your business. How to do it:



Gadgets and programs

  • Clean up all your gadgets, like Smart Phone (did you know that phones are dirtier than toilet seats. No way!), computer keys, and your desk.
  • Delete any apps that you are not using. Any that you have purchased will be saved in the Cloud on your account so you can download again if you ever need it again.
  • Transfer and backup your images and videos to Dropbox so you never have to worry about losing them. This also helps free up space on your all of your devices.
  • Spring clean your files by going through them and clearing out what you have that you no longer need. Create a folder and move the files there, if you don’t need them for 6 months to a year (whatever you feel comfortable with) delete the folder.
  • Are you running tight on space and have a virtual team?  Then consider using Dropbox to store files online and easily share folders with your Virtual Assistant.  Dropbox is the easiest way to save, sync, and share files online.
  • Make sure all of your software programs are all updated with the latest version.  This is crucial in keeping everything running smoothly.  However, check compatibility  if you purchase any updates.
  • Unsubscribe! Clean up your email easily by unsubscribing to those ezines and people that you don’t read! { Just make sure you stay on my list so you don’t miss important stuff :) .}

Your website

  • Go through all of your pages and content and take an inventory of what you have. If you have old pages up or content that is outdated, remove it!  A huge mistake entrepreneurs make with their website is leaving outdated information up!  This is just conveys a sort of stale and “unhappening” energy.
  • If you are running off WordPress, make sure all of your plugins are up-to-date along with your theme. If you still are running an HTML website, look into switching to WordPress. WordPress allows you to do ALL of your content updates yourself (or your virtual assistant) without having to depend on your web programmer.
  • Update your testimonials and ask for new ones! What a great time to update your testimonials on your site! This is your social proof of the great value you deliver. Make sure that you have current testimonials from new clients and revisit prior clients who you never got a testimonial from. You can also use this opportunity to remind them of how happy they were with your service/product (and maybe nudge them into being a return client).
  • Feeling like your image could be updated? Then get new headshots and images on your website. While you are cleaning things up, why not freshen up the look. You will feel great too when you go on your fresh, renewed site.

Your social networks

  • Go through your bios and about sections on ALL of your social networks and make sure they are updated.  Make sure that your information is up-to-date.
  • Maximize  your social online presence with an updated Twitter background, Facebook profile images, and a custom landing page to capture email addresses on your Facebook Page.

2. Renew your Business. How to do it:





  • Make a list of all the business building strategies you are currently using in your business, and really look at them. Then figure out which is the ONE that would provide the most value in your business. So, clear your mind out of all the tasks you are doing instead of just keeping the wheels turning. Then focus on this ONE strategy above all others (without neglecting other things that absolutely need to be done). See the results happen in your business.
  • Look at areas in your business where you could be more productive and integrate new techniques one by one. (You can find my Productivity Secrets of Successful People program on how to do this here.)
  • Renew your clients by seeing which ones are your ideal clients. Or as I say, your “Diamond Clients”. Analyze which of them have you love working with the most,  and who you are giving the most value to and getting the most value from. Then, once you can classify customers, see what, if anything, they have in common. Can you notice any patterns that might help you identify and attract other Diamond Clients? (You can watch my free webinar “Diamond Client Attraction: How Attract your Ideal Client over and over right here to help. It’s in the first part of this longer webinar.
  • Renew your offerings or products by clearing some time to take a long hard look at what you are offering and see if there are ways of tweaking it/them to add more value and really raise the bar. This could mean offering a new program. revamping an existing program or offering, or actually upgrading and improving a product, or even adding a new product line that is somehow new and improved.

When you clean out the space and release the old, it allows for clear space for the new to come in and to be able to renew. These are just a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.

What did you find helpful? Do you have any suggestions to share with others? Leave a COMMENT below!




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5 Killer Ways to Brand Your Business on a Budget

Have you ever wondered what exactly branding is? We hear so much about it and then we hear “Marketing” thrown in there with it. And if you know what it is, what do you do with Branding and how can you do anything on a budget?

Well, in this episode of my radio show: Skyrocket Your Business!, I get you out of the dark completely on what the difference between Branding and Marketing really is and then I reveal 5 Killer Ways to Brand Your Business on a Budget!

So, get yourself over to my radio show replay which is just waiting for you to listen to it. Click here!

And if you find it helpful, please share it all over the place and comment below. I love hearing what is working and how I can help you more.



*(radio) The Very First Episode of “Skyrocket Your Business”!*



I am so excited that my new radio show, “Skyrocket Your Business” kicked off last week without a hitch.

The title of this first episode is: Productivity Secrets to Skyrocket Your Success!

In this show, I revealed productivity secrets of the most successful people in the world. And I shared Time Management skills (or skills to manage yourself around time) to achieve the business and life success you are looking for!

And I have had so many great comments and support surrounding it. Thank you so much to everyone who has already listened. And for those of you who haven’t, what are you waiting for?!

Click here to listen!

Please comment below and let me know what was most useful to you. Also, share this if you think it might help someone else.


With Love and to your Success,



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